The Horrible Medical Health Care Of Santa Clara County California

I obtain a „grievance form“ from Santa Clara Wellness & Benefits Center, the last question on the grievance form gives a not sincere department, the Department’s name is Santa Clara County Of Mental Health, the last question on the form is „how would you like the problem to be resolved?“ Shouldn’t that department know what are the consequences of their own employees. The Mental Health department of Santa Clara county is corrupted as is Santa Clara Medical System. My response to the last question was „I want it to be noticed the abusive behavior of Dr. Xu,“ and „I will leave the issues at your discretion for the result of the problem.“ Isn’t that the authentic reason for a grievance form, the question implies, as if whoever writes the grievance form, already has the legal knowledge for the result of the grievance!! My desire for the grievance form is private disciplinary results for Dr. Xu without further contact from me, because, written in the grievance form, is enough information for the Santa Clara county Health Department, concerning the „problem“ about Dr. Xu. The health care system in Seattle had severe issues too but at least the doctors and the health care providers gave out information brochures about the hospital, the onmibus organization to file complaints, living will brochure, policies about the hospitals and papers of „patients rights.“