February 9, 2016. Santa Clara Medical Wellness Center, Insane „Point Of Contact“ Emily; An Employee

I spoke to „point of contact“ Emily, concerning the dismissal of Dr. Xu at Santa Clara Medical Wellness Center. Emily is a trickster herself. I dismissed to Emily that Dr. Xu was abusive because no doctor is allowed to verbally force their patient to discuss. Emily asked me „did you explained it to her?“ I said „yes, Dr. Xu should know, I shouldn’t had to remind her about the policy!“ The policy is about the patient is not obligated to talk about anything!! I do know the procedure to fire one’s doctor because I read it online, one does have to discuss the problem about whatever happens, but the patient is not legally obligated to see the same doctor. I do have a plan B, if Emily is criminally corrupted as Dr. Xu is; is to see the doctor at Tully in San Jose, CA. Those types of doctors can’t communicate with the patient because it is not the doctor’s expertise but the doctor can still prescribe the same medicines.