February 7, 2016. „Super Bowl City“ At San Francisco, CA

It was somewhat ironic, I saw a sign, while I was exiting the eastern entrance of „Super Bowl City,“ which read „share your experience at Super City 50,“ which the hash tag for online social media. The „Super Bowl City“ in San Francisco was very disappointing, I expected something similar to the activities at Bumbershoot in Seattle, stands for food, non alcoholic drinks, from what I read on line, describes music bands, only one actually music band was playing which I did enjoyed their music, which reminded me of the music „The Charleston,“ and music from the 1930’s. During one of the old fashioned songs, I was reminded about the romance between my Maternal Grandparents Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun dancing, my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun told me, she met my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler at an Aryan jazz club. My maternal Grandmother liked „The Charleston“ song, my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun told me, there is a version of that song when the singer, sings „seig heil“ at the beginning of the song „The Charleston.“ Besides, that old fashioned band at „Super Bowl City,“ there’s nothing else to do, expect to walk for pleasure, mostly „Super Bowl City“ is a place to drink alcohol with other football fans.