February 7, 2016. Insane Homeless Man In San Francisco, CA

While I was walking from „Super Bowl City“ in San Francisco, CA, eastward to the Main Library in San Francisco, CA, an old Judin gay pimp, religious „Jew,“ went insane when he saw the t-shirt I have of my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler, the fag man old homeless gay pimp, told me „you have a t-shirt of the Commander,“ the direct translation of the German word Fuhrer is Leader, the word „Commander“ is vague but I knew the old man was referring to my Maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler. I told the old man about the Fuhrer picture, „he is my maternal Grandfather,“ then the old homeless gay pimp went insane with the „omnipresent“ stuff. Then some homeless people near the Main Library in San Francisco went insane, some insane homeless female told her male friend, she didn’t like his „apricot haircut“ which describes a haircut similar to Isaac Slade from the music band „The Fray.“ Then a librarian at the Main San Francisco library went insane, my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler wouldn’t like the Argentinians because similar to the majority of individuals in America, the majority of Argentinians are racially mixed, of course there are few Aryans in Argentina but the majority of individuals in Argentina are non mankind inferior degenerates!!