Events On February 5, 2016

In a previous post, I wrote about the fag prostitutes at Stanford Shopping Center, on the 5th of February 2016. After I left the fag prostitute shopping center at Stanford, I caught the VTA light rail at downtown Mountain View, CA to downtown San Jose, CA. I wanted to see the security at Levi Stadium for two reasons, my interest in technology of surveillance and when I return to live in the UK, I will be constantly surrounded by British government agents. That was the closest I wish to get near Levi Stadium for the Super Bowl tomorrow, Sunday, because I don’t have interest in American sports. There was an interested sociology conversation at King Library at San Jose, CA, a paranoid man who said he was 32, and spend his time at the Library, the sociology part is what was the incident which lead that 32 year old to become paranoid? I guess a similar situation as with the movie „School Ties,“ a character in that movie got a nervous breakdown because of the French class professor. The paranoid 32, did attended higher education after high school, during his conversation, he was insisted in not returning to college, he learned his income by technology business. The 32 year old has a severe paranoid about government surveillance, specifically all internet interactions, government „profiling“ on what is written online, wouldn’t the 32 year old realized the government still obtain surveillance by cameras, technology bugs in all buildings, it wouldn’t matter if he isn’t online, the government still profiles everyone. It is true what that paranoid 32 year old said, their are a few government agents who does abuse their power but that is illegal and one can file law suits, there isn’t a mass conspiracy to abuse every individual in America by government agents!