My Plan To Move Permanently To The UK

I have done some research on several air lines from the bay area to London, UK, each month I will save a portion of my money until I have enough money for the one way ticket to London, UK. I am not sure when I will have enough money for the one way ticket for the one way air plane ticket, but probably this summer, June or July, it depends on the air fare. I will only take a few items with me for my permanent return home to the UK, the „teddy“ cow my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun gave me at Sunnyvale, CA in 1995, the teddy bear police officer, I bought at Heathrow airport during my visit in London, UK, in 2009, and my German t-shirts. I will also take with me the heart shaped pillow that belong to my mom, it was meant to be a souvenir for my mom at her hear surgery at Northwest Hospital in Seattle, WA. I am returning to the UK for my biological father Prince Charles, it is time for me to know him!! I will not see the Avalos family again.