Dream During Night Of January 31-Early Morning February 1, 2016

Last night whether the official time was late night on the 31st of January or early morning of February 1, 2016, I don’t know because I didn’t look at the clock. My dream when I was sleeping was about Hollister, CA. I dreamt a hotel like resident building which housed mestizen who are illegal aliens, during my dream, I sensed all the mestizen in Hollister were illegal aliens. The Federal ICE agents were at everyones‘ door and arresting the mestizen to deport them. I dreamt of a female gossiper in my dream who got hysterical about the noticeable visual mass deportation, the only this the hysterical female gossiper said was, „there are ICE agents!“ The weather in my dream was strange for Hollister, CA, the time of the visual mass deportation was in the late summer afternoon, except the weather was very strange for Hollister, off and on heavy rain as the El Nino enhanced rainfall, severe thunderstorms as in the Midwest during the Midwest summer; coolish warmth and very humid in my dream of Hollister during the visual mass deportation.