Perhaps Illegally Searched By Chicago TSA

Once when my mom and I visited San Diego, a security agent illegally did a drug test on my mother’s traveling bag, my mom told the female, „we have immunity,“ the supervisor should up and told the security agent she was fired, „they are under surveillance,“ most likely the TSA security agents are anti white racist, I didn’t have to defend myself because those agents will get arrested by the American Secret Service. Code name „Alexander Lapin“ were a few feet from me, here at Chicago, IL. When I arrived at SFO, I saw one of the TSA agents and they were angered about the illegal activities of the TSA agents in Chicago, one of the TSA agent said the anti white racist Judin fag man hermaphrodite shouldn’t had asked me the same question of „take everything out of your pockets“ after I did removed everything in my pockets.