January 28, 2016. My First Visit At Chicago, IL

I haven’t yet been to downtown Chicago, today, I saw the part of „Chicago land“ around O’Hare International Airport. Probably downtown Chicago will be similar to this part of Chicago land because, from what I seen today, the cultural behavior is similar to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Racism is worse at the west coast compared to the racism at the Midwest, racism in the west coast including the Pacific Northwest is enforced by racial intimations, the Northwest by racial epithets such as the stickers at Lake City neighborhood in Seattle „nugget“ for nigger. The racism here in the Midwest is self imposed such doesn’t make sense, I saw a old black man shoe shiner in the Minneapolis airport, he didn’t look malicious but his stare portrayed emotions of he had that job because of racism against the blacks. There aren’t anymore Jim Crow laws and he is free to work elsewhere. The same goes with the workers at Minneapolis airport, many Ethiopians as if there aren’t any other better jobs for them. So far, I do like the Midwest much better than California, California is terrible, miserable people who are suicidal, bunch of open public drug users, mass violence, people hating everyone else, even bus drivers hate the riders and the drivers give passengers hard time for little non sense stuff, such as the old Judin female who had an umbrella, the bus driver reacted hysterical to the Judin female with the umbrella as if other passengers were going to self mutilate themselves by the Judin female’s umbrella.