Neighbor Mestizen Boy Who Lives East Of Me

I never asked the mestizen neighbor his name, every few months, the mestizen boy neighbor has short conversations with me. This evening the mestizen boy had a strange conversation with me. I’m not sure the purpose of his questions, the Mestizen neighbor asked me if I had condoms, I said „no.“ (As if I were to have sex with just any female, simply for sexual pleasure.) That is the science of eugenics which God has given the Aryan race, biological supremacy with clean (without deceases) blood. I didn’t understand a question which I first understood „you“ for the general or „one,“ but the mestizen was actually asking me, the mestizen boy asked me if , „what would you do if a girl and a boy like you?“ I responded „refused them both,“ because I knew what the Mestizen boy would only happened in America among non Aryans. Then the Mestizen boy asked me if I knew the physical thrusting for sex, I responded to the Mestizen boy, „go ask your parents,“ because obviously they had sex. I don’t know the physical thrusting for sex because I never had sex, I know every female is slightly different in the sexual satisfaction with a male. My mom told me the sexual desires of physical sexual relationships with a male, I listen to the band Interpol, a lot of their songs describes male sexual attraction for the female, the band Garage describes female lust for the male which my mom previous told me about.