I Plan To Move To The UK, By November 2016

After I wrote the post a few days ago, to experience residential life in America, I left very uncomfortable because of the age of my biological father Prince Charles, his late 60’s. Then I thought why should I waste time living else where in America when, when the experience with my biological father Prince Charles would be meaningful and precious. Yesterday, I thought, what emotions would my biological father Prince Charles feel at the first sight of me, I thought perhaps he would feel grief for my mom because I appear more like my mom. I saw online posts this past November about my biological father Prince Charles and my desire to be with him on his birthday. I know if I do return to the United kingdom by my own will, I would be allowed to stay there and live there but the hardest part about returning on my own will, will be the change of being surrounded constantly by British government agents, at first without knowing their purpose, for instance, if I did stayed in London, UK in 2009, which the two male British government agents were going to open the gates so that I would enter, how would they introduce themselves to me? I do know they work for the British government. Then would they take my to a residential palace with more unknown government agents? That would be the more difficult part, at first about returning to the UK.