My Desire To Experience Life In America

The title of this post, my desire to experience life in America refers to living somewhere on the eastern side of the USA, to have a sense of the general experience of living in all America, I lived in California for several decades and Washington state for more than one decade, so I have the general experience of being a resident of the west coast of America. I would like to live somewhere on the eastern half of the USA, primarily for the weather, and to study the rest of America’s Zionist culture, moving to the American eastern half seems unlikely because I can’t afford to move my furniture that distance. My plan B is to travel to the eastern half of the USA, instead of moving there. This coming Thursday the 28th of January 2016, is my first plan visit to Chicago, IL. How do I like living in California, I hate it very much, referring to the culture of California and the cultural infrastructure of California. I do have a choice to don’t go anywhere and simply save money to move. I only live in California for the easy access to the pacific ocean, that is why I am not saving money to move but I am saving enough money to travel within the USA. I do expect anti white racism in Chicago too but the severity of the anti white racism there is still unknown to me. I expect the anti white racism in Chicago to be similar to the anti white racism of the Pacific Northwest but again the anti white racism in Chicago may be as severe as it is in California.