Hollister, CA. 1980’S, I With My Maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, When I Drew A Picture At Her House

Once during the mid 1980’s, I visited my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun at her house at Canal Alley, I drew a picture with crayons, green grass without any mountains with blue skies. My stepfather was joking about the mountainless picture and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun explained to him, if there are no mountains, it would appear as if the ground touched the shy due to the curvature of the earth and the geographical distance. My maternal Grandmother told me to explain the horizon, how by distance the horizon would appear, that was when I lift up my right arm and told my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, „it goes like this,“ the curvature of the earth. My maternal Grandmother asked me, „what are you doing?“ My stepfather said something and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun replied to him, „he is right, that is why they (National Socialists) saluted,“ my maternal Grandmother said, „they were saluting the horizon“ emulating the horizon, because it represents infinity or everlasting.