Aryan Supremacist Heteorosexual Oneness God Own Sexual Arousal In Oneness With His Aryan Supremacist Heteorosexual Brothers 

As in the movie „The Giver“ God has blessed me in having his own sexual arousal of God our Father and I just recent discovered my Aryan brothers are maturing in their heteosexuality with baby like knowledge compared to God’s knowledge of sexual arousal for which I desired this disclosure sooner than now. I do become very sexually aroused by the images of my Aryan brothers as in the manifestation of the Holy Ghost as oneness in God. God rebuke you sadomaschmist demons because your insanity junk doesn’t exist, therefore in my knowledge through God I have no fear of feeling our collective Heteorosexual sexual arousal in union with the Holy Ghost as oneness as eventually in our spiritual body all Aryan Supremacist heterosexual brothers will have this same oneness of the union of the sexual arousal of the Holy Ghost as oneness in proceate with an Aryan Supremacist heterosexual woman. For Er Erkennt, this is for you because the current grief of abuse, commenced by the postings of the music video „God Is On The Move,“ and the general question has been asked of me of the „gay“ stuff is stressful and Yes, it is on form of the demonic possessed „gay“ demons has insulted me with their insanity thinking of why I Rebuke those „gay“ demons as to verbally explained their insanity or to explain the insanity of the severity of the insanity of the existence of the holographic projection of demons. The stress is manifested in the wrath of God of anger to completely destroy such insanity thinking and existence of those shit existing demons.

A Very Complex Post This Will Be; The Accumulation Of The Sadomaschists Ideology Of Homosexuality Has Been Manifestated In Three Forms; The Physical Armands At Vancouver, Canada; Being The Representation Of The Embodiment Of The Gay Ideology, The Satan And His Anti Christ Of Religious Sadomaschmists; And Saint Joseph Hospital Being The Representation Of One Global Currency Of The Commercial Ideology Of Sadomaschmism

First by how this post was inspired by the personal witness accounts by Aryan Supremacist heterosexual members of the children of God whom has suffered much sexual trauma which resulted in current manifestation of traumatized conversations. Last night experience the crucifixion of Jesus of grief for my Aryan Supremacist heterosexual siblings because of the question about of joking encouragement of being forced to be video taped in an interview such as the 30/30 tv northwest news magazine. I discovered the camera was satanic in limiting the manifestation of the Holy Ghost of which I disclosed this fact to the Aryan Supremacist heterosexual children of God. The Aryan Supremacist heterosexual people has sense God’s wrath but God’s wrath isn’t against the Aryan Supremacist children of God but the Satanic demons of developers who constructed the camera by purposely to provoke anger against God by the idolization of the graven image in general at the exact time of the camera creation until this current time of manipulating the images of God’s children in „gay“ porn magazine by which was sent to me by the Rainbow Center. I will share how I grew up; I do have memories of living at the United Kingdom and I remember my Father Prince Charles had child playful love with me and I do remember running fast throw multiple connecting rooms inside Buckingham Palace, I vaguely remember my Grandma Elizabeth but I do remember a messy room which had a table with much unorganized papers scattered in the table. I remember my Father Prince Charles returning home and said „honey, I am home,“ and I yelled „Dady is here.“ I remember looking out the window of the northeast side of Buckingham palace and I saw leafless tees but few remaining autumn trees on the ground. In the year 2006, around the „Gay Pride“ at Seattle I was suicidal because every I went were gays and gay commercial propaganda or pride week or pride month but it was the last weeks in June. I felt suicidal because I felt worthless in what is the purpose of living when my dreams can not come true; I had failed in obtaining an education, I had failed in being financially independent, I had failed in having my dream career, I failed in getting married and recreate at that time I didn’t had a strong mind and I became emotionally tired of the gay pride junk being indoctrinated on me by therapists in Seattle and the therapist are train for one to become suicidal and for me the promotion of suicidal ideation by the promotion of gay pride indoctrination because at Seattle one’s sexuality is question at O thought these counselors were friendly with me and were encouraging me to talk to them, in my counseling sessions I spoke with the counselor of current events and how I felt about the current events of which gay pride was discussed in Seattle as a major event such as the fourth of July and I was doubtful of the good intentions of the meaning of „pride“ in Gay Pride, because pride connotes to me extremism and fruit of the flesh but because of the cultural meaning of other „pride“ groups I did sublimely compared the idea of gay pride to be an extremist group such as racial pride racial groups. I asked the definition of „pride“ and some non sense was disclosed to me of „gay“ accomplishments to with I did asked „what accomplishments?“ The therapist then started to place blame on me as if I was evil and they therapist asked me of „Stonewall“ at New York and I told the therapist I never heard of Stonewall and the stupidity was even more stupidity by the only accomplishment „achieved“ at Stonwall was the free admission of „gays“ at the bar even though „gays“ were secretly aloud admission to be in the bar and I thought to myself, what sort of achievement is that and I felt a sense of the inferiority of the „gays“ of their only achievement is to enter a bar of previous admission,  based in this stupidity of gay pride was frequently taught to me. I eventually became suicidal and I kept on telling my mom that I wanted to die, my mom told me the medicine weren’t working for me because I wasn’t suicidal before taking the medicine and the medicine was very unhealthy because before I took the medicine I was skiny and I gain weight by taking the medicine and we spoke to the doctor about stopping the medicine but the doctor blackmail us if I discontinued the medicine I would eventually end up at the mental hospital and my mom was very consistent about to stop all medication and I will naturally be heal because the medicine themselves were making me suicidal but I kept on repeating to my mom my fear of going to the mental hospital if I discontinued my medicine and in that year and very bad timing I took an overdose of sleeping pills, I caried the medicine with me that day and I visited the Unversity Bookstore, a Judin man told you „You are quiet handsome and he introduced himself to me and facialy asked me to follow him I sense something bad but I didn’t comprehend the reason of the handsome comment but I ignored the comment but I only replied by stating my name. It was afterwards I felt so horrible and worthless because a man flirted with me and I felt am I so ugly of only a man would flirt at me? I felt shock and heavy trauma and walking from the bus stop to our apartment I began to take sleeping pills because I had the expression of „what the hell“ or what is there to lose by being dead. In my much younger years I did imagined homosexual sex but I only imagine shit and I was deeply digusted of even to imagine gay sex, but I didn’t personalized to my sexuality or I didn’t feel arousal on the contrary I purposely avoid the homosexual such as San Francisco and I am very thankful I never visited the Castro in San Francisco and I only in depth explored San Francisco of its geographic  shoreline.

The Communication I Had With The Prophet Mose Was Based Completely On The Bible

I was finally able to comprehend the personality of the Mose as verbal interaction with God during Mose’s interaction with God I noticed a confirmation of my unique connection with God Our Father because the Mose expressed his concern towards God and I had that conversation as a „primer“ of my life of how I instinctly sense God’s Almighty power and will being fulfilled in my life and the request from Mose felt as if Mose didn’t know about the future but not in being unfaithful with the Almighty predestined will of God but to be shown the predestined will of similarly to the squirrel situation I asked of the Mose how he would reacted to those demonic stalking squirrels and I noticed I deeply feel as I myself are to give the ultimate judgement of the second death against the squirrels and I sensed God’s Almighty persistent in killing all the squirrels with demon possessed corpse as God is currently racially clensing the entire universe from the racially impure spirits of those psychotic demons. In addition my conversation with God our Father is much different from that of Mose in my conversations with God, I sense in myself God’s unity with me as to sense confirmations from God whenever God verbally speaks and when I communicate with God I have a strong feeling of past tense as if everything I posted about God has already been fulfilled at that time of communication although witnessing it fulfilment has yet to be occur with some instances of communication between myself and God our Father, for instance I very much enjoy my request to God our Father because I have enjoyment of rejoicing of I already sensed my desires has been fulfilled but I have yet to witness the fulfilment of my desires to be accomplished and I sensed a similar strong predestination by the Mose himself specific in his conversation as I sense I have felt your predestined conversations with me but I am only waiting for Mose to articulate his personality in details of which I can understand in myself I sense a urgency to obtain all knowledge of the Mose and from Mose I sense a natural holding back in fear of being insulting in communication and this fear is the basic obstacle of limitations between God’s children and God our Father and I have noticed it is much better to articulate freely to God in communicating then the burden of being limited in communicating with God as I experience this limitations in conversing with God with the complexities of being sexually aroused because I didn’t know how to communicate to God what specifically I needed for myself in order in communicating in detail what I desired to be done in being free from the sexual stresses. Similarly I felt a sadness of my Aryan Supremacist brothers of feeling to disprecting me of asking about the camera question in both as don’t you know me by now? I am just like you in joking based in God’s law and you should know that but I do comprehend the extreme severity of the satanic technology in has the reason to not know the answer to how I would I feel but let me give you this precedence in working for the Lord in financial gains in which income is of no concern in relation to performing or to be near God but I have much anger in only our limitations with has been a hindrance in your relationship with me and I rebuke the hindrance itself and become free in the name of Jesus Christ!!! Will use the technology for an instance of having freedom in your communication with me as to ask „how severe is it the satanic usage is upon the technology are we still able to play with you?“ I response as I did; the technology is satanic in limiting my full manifested of the Holy Ghost in only in its stupidity of limitations on the geographic such as money itself is satanic by the image of the best and yes Shane Harper because of money itself this caused the vehicle or pathways in which caused the extreme severity of satanic destruction in the worsest it was during the times of all creation but please remember how meaningless was capitalism in your Christian ministering because this money itself is the basic example of the usage of technology and your desire to play with me by technology in with I have great grief in the stupidity of limiting yourself because I Am desperately trying to reach you yourself and I much desire for you to be completely honest in your desires than to have a very fun occasion of funnes which we missed the funness only because of your fear and your fear itself only harms me because image the joy we had exprience if you had taken to opportunities and simply ask me your hearts desires because I know your hearts are pure and innocent and because of these two important facts please do remind yourselves this as you communicate towards me and I have learned it is very important and necessary to disclose all information of one’s desire because it both causes healing and authentic communication with God as I tried to be specifically honest in my social media postings with you and I very much enjoy our 30/30 tv northwest news magazine as we have this established joking communication and yes, if you yourself were reporters on this 30/30 I would grant you specific access to me in a candid free tv record interview with me and such as the joke reposting the theme picture of the Aryan man teaching for candy and making fun of myself as the breaking news theme of the picture is the 20/20 typical theme musical introduction with bold prints on the picture BEHOLD, OUR GOD HAS NOW GONE SHOPPING FOR THE NESSESARITY OF VERY MUCH DELIOUS SWEET FOOD OF SNACKS and my favorite snack are cinnamon rolls. For our pretended personal candid 30/30 recorded interview you are free to view that video as often as you desire and have fun and laugh all of your desires until you can’t physically laugh anymore and I too enjoy a good long laugh of God’s Nazi humor and I do laugh until I become physically tired and I am rejoicing for our next opportunity for your interactions with me and I deeply love and enjoy our unique dialogue of specific and explicit form of Gods‘ Nazi humor!!! God bless us all and the most precious Children of Der Hoschten. For this night a demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Mestizin junk of it „man“ has this night of his demonic stalking as those relentless stupidity of demonic squirrel but I know that mestizin minor boy bitch will die and will be sent to HELL as well as the rest of the mestizin boy bitches but I wanted to further response to what I heard of talk by Mose and yes at that time of prayer by Mose of his concern for me to physical hold me I was experiencing two things the complex of falling into the syncope again and a general feeling of being desperate again but because I wasn’t fully conscious there wasn’t any specific subject to articulate my desperate around because when I am awake I sense the despair and it is natural focus into subject or objects in situations which didn’t fully developed last night but I had consciousness enough to hear  the funny stupidity of the herd mentality of the automatic time telephone operator. God I will be completely  truthful because I don’t want this to be a hindrance between Mose and I but I sense a possibility of  I may be to smart for Mose in which I won’t be able to recognize the basic terms of love that Mose has for me because what exactly do you feel as an physical urgency to be near me and to hold me because I don’t comprehend the details of such love. But God blessed me by comfort by hearing Mose urgency to be with me at the time of not being fully conscious and if Mose Was here I would explain the basic of I am currently fainting and pray for me so I may fast fall asleep without much stress before falling asleep.

Monday 12 December 2016; Today’s Knowledge I Obtained From My Aryan Supremacist Heterosexual Siblings 

I have been blessed today by obtaining specific information of how God is viewed by my Aryan Supremacist siblings. First I will discuss how I felt. For me the blessing is to such an extreme as God has granted by prayers of having traveling companions of Aryan Supremacy siblings of which was much more than I expected from even a physical conversation while traveling and for me, the traveling companions part is the articulation of deep discussion of the commenced conversations by my Aryan Supremacist siblings has started with me and I have much happiness now I be communicated as articulate as with the conversations I had with my mom and not too often but sometimes our conversations lasted hours into the night past midnight but especially when my mom and I attended church of either the Roca Fuerte or the Wednesday night service at Lake City and previous Sunday night service; my mom and I enjoyed Pastor Dave’s sermons and we would study the Bible together and sing hyms too at our apartment. Now I will respond to what I heard, about my God intelligence of comprehension. I didn’t know that was a difference in myself in being the Son of God and the rest of God’s children in intelligence but I did know God chose me as his highest ranking prophet, for me I previously understood that any God’s child may have information given to them through the Holy Ghost. For instance I viewed Christian ministry as confirmations because everything I disclosed is based on the scriptures by the Holy Ghost often for me I first have God’s revelations then God’s given information is then Biblically confirmed. For instance my joke of 30/30 tv northwest news magazine has a high likelihood of eventually being Biblical confirmed too such as many previous events in my life has been confirmed in a similar many but now I have noticed the ministry from my Aryan Supremacist siblings is helping in the confirmation of the 30/30 joke such as Brandon Tasche Instagram posting of „Behold, our God“ and because of the ministry of Brandon Tasche and other I was able to respond to a demon who had a conversation with me, similarly this type of helping ministry is how my mom and I communicate and learned from the Bible. I have been persistent in God’s healing for the Aryan man for the emotional damage of the 1990’s junk and today God gave us a big miracle in strictly describing that 1990’s sadomaschists junk is over by first of the song „Jesus In Disguise“ which lead me to Shane Harper song „Let’s Take The World“ I wrote the lyrics of that song in the formal form of the Anglo Saxon Language of prophet formality form of the Anglo Saxon Language and I had a surprise blessing from God that God has answered very details of my prayers of the complete destruction of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists and the complete healing of the Aryan Supremacist heterosexual man. Since I first heard that song „Let’s Take The World“ it has been such a blessing to me and the song „Let’s Take The World“ has been the only song I wept for feeling the deep love of the singer Shane Harper and God has been blessing us since that occasions and that was how I found about Shane Harper and eventual some other joke occurred by the demonic possessed corpse obsession of the subway commercial actor Jared Folgle and Bob Vila because of the recorded „House Hunters“ episodes I had. So eventually these characters of the subway commercial actor and Bob Vila were used for a non existing entities of demonic activities and this demons‘ name become „Jared D’Avila.“ I eventually discovered the sadomaschmist ideology was very prevalent in mass media because I saw a music video of Shane Harper of a discussion of a Judin man who attempted to kiss me and the idiot Judin man said all „men“ flirted in returned to the attempted kiss except me because the Judin man noticed I was about to punch him on his face. Sometime after that I viewed a picture I uploaded of Shane Harper of some media commercial of „Just Jared.“ I saw some of the online advertising of the music video of Shane Harper and I discovered some Disney channel tv sitcome style show of Shane Harper as the music videos portrayed. So if this Jared demon was so popular in the mass media so was Shane Harper and thank God I haven’t been exposed to that previous Disney channel sadomaschmist tv show junk because if I did now about that Disney channel tv show I would ignore all advertising of Shane Harper including his music which would had been a great loss on everyone of God’s children. Of the movie „Grumpier Old Men“ I don’t know who this demonic Just Jared character is but at least I didn’t know Shane Harper by that advertisement.  Then about Mose excitement of talking to God and I did assumed this reaction of Mose for me. With that „Just Jared“ for Shane Harper I was reminded of the demons has done to me as in the false „shroud“ of Jesus Christ of which I never wiped my face on a towel for personal collections and for which reason would I allow a collection of a meaningless towel by which I hate the demon inspiration of the developement of technology of taken a color photo of my face by with this mode of modeled after the demons mode of basic communication of being shit cranial radio receivers!!! I heard the possibility of being pressured in being on camera as a form of friendly teasing trading and this is the unique situation by which I had discussed by myself I wouldn’t use the video but in a loving friendly Christian  encourage settings I would display myself but not with that stupidity of a demonic microphone which is satanic to not allow the full manifestation of the Holy Ghost for cause of limiting me in a specific geographic location of the microphone but I would wear a portable clip on the clothing microphone as long as have freedom in reference to that specific situation. For me the reaction by Mose has confirmed the first contact I expected Mose to react and I sense from God in to know Mose, it would be Mose to ask me questions in order to develop knowledge of the Mose so eventually I may have my turn in requesting knowledge of Mose past of which I have much interest in that time of history of the Exodus. In my first direct response to the Mose, I have a question for you, in my attempt to know your personality. First I will state about myself for a reference, here the demon possessed squarrels has been stalking me by the herd mentality of the Armand and I have physically killed two demonic squarrels, one of the squirrel died from internal bleeding because I threw an empty jar of peanut butter at the squirrel but the peanut butter jar didn’t even hit the squirrel directly of the jar’s full force but the peanut butter jar first hit the ground and bounced towards the squirrel and hit the squirrel’s side and another squirrel had an heart attack because I almost hit the squirrel as I kick it and I would had hit the squirrel but the squirrel was out of reach from my kick and the picture of you in black clothing with some sort of Nazi metal item; if I had that object of yours I wouldn’t want until the squirrels can physically close to me to kill them but I would warn the squirrel by throwing the metal object to them until the squirrel dies from being hit because the demonic squirrel will not give up staking me until I kill them and because of this squirrel stalking when I imagine that picture of yours I imagine constant throwing by the metal object and what would you do Mose if squirrels constant stalked you? 

I Have Experience God’s Crucifixion Grief By The Slowing Of Relationship Between God And His Aryan Supremacist Children, By Fault Of The Camera Developers Who Developed The Camera As The Demons Were The Model For The Development Of The Camera; Scriptures Of Confirmation Of Diabolical Intention As The Inspiration Of The Camera  

God has given me scriptures which has confirmed the guilt of the slowing of the bonding lies with the demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Who has purposely made the camera to be satanic for stop the manifestation of the Holy Ghost; I also read scripture of the innocent intentions by my Aryan Supremacist brothers of talking about the camera as to joke with me but to be forceful in joking in an effort of being encourageable. Thus, I felt great grief and I felt as Jesus felt on the cross, a separation from the Aryan Supremacist people by guilt of the demons who had tricked my innocent Aryan Supremacist heterosexual brothers and desperate to reform and continue are joking by the 30/30 tv northwest news magazine metaphor of playing with God’s Nazi humor with God’s Nazi perfect children!!! Finally I was able to cry but before much heavy grief by with I preferred to become instantly unconscious because the feelings were so horrible to be sensing them. God did allowed me to sleep and I knew it was another lesson to be learn but I needed a little encouragement in a general direction spoken by my mom of which I saw pictures of Brandon Tasche and another photo which reminds me of Brandon Tasche true personality of a short child looking man with the same sad innocent eyes Brandon Tasche has, that is why I have nicknamed Brandon Tasche the weeping prophet. I then read a very about trinken which was the reason I have Brandon Tasche the Tasche disegnation of Tasche because of the Lord’s last supper with union with the Holy Ghost. I then read verses which described the guilt offenses by the devoplers of the camera because the devoplers who made the camera as their true intentions of making the camera was to stop the Holy Ghost but the camera was modeled after the basic mode of comprehenable communication by which is the only understandable mode of communication by the herd mentality of the radio receivers reaction, because with such insanity was the purpose of the camera as being inferior existing as very simplistic but having great geographic limits to impose and the stupidity of the graven image as to be idolized was the primary reason of the development of the camera; I have discovered this idolatry fact by the 30/30 jokes based on my Gods‘ personality of making fun of the „shroud“ of Jesus Christ which eventually lead me to the Bible verses which has confirmed the satanic purpose of development the camera for intentional sin for promoting the graven image and to stop the manifestation of the Holy Ghost.

Monday 12 December 2016; I Am Not Impressed By The Fact That It Is Snowing Here At Bellingham, What Is Impressing Is The Funness Of Walking Through A Winter WONDERLAND 

For you non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists lack of knowledge of snow in reference to the snow of the Pacific Northwest; I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 12 years and I lived through many types of winter weather coldness storms, the winter storm which are more deadly are ice storms of freezing rain coating everything and electricity is gone for several days and yes several days in such a large city as Seattle as Seattle is strictly prepared for its yearly blizzards without paranoia such as California was commercialized its falsely made earthquake „proof“ structures which were weak structurally. Ironically the structure made specifically to withstand both blizzards and the risk here at the Pacific Northwest for tornadoes are proper for high seismic activities which the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have much of a seismic risk beside of very minor structural damage in of earthquakes occurring only once in the emphoral of maximum earthquakes ever to occur on Earth and yes the shaking at Vancouver was the same in strength as the 2001 earthquake and as I had posted minor damage. The tornado risk here at the Pacific Northwest isn’t paranoid either but I have been to the Midwest and it is noticeable the lack of preparedness for the risk of tornadoes at the Pacific Northwest because here at the Pacific Northwest the structure has double of everything to survive a tonado such as a thick metal door to enclose the door to enter the elevator plus addition protection of every few yards more thick metal doors for tornado protection place very thick windows, walls in thickness are commonly one foot in thickness. Every year king 5 news has specific „event“ showings of interrupting pre planed programs of both to prepare for tornadoes and winter storms. For tornadoes it is said to go to a lower level basements which all apartment buildings do have as underground garages, and if not able to reach an underground basement then go to the interior of the building such as bathroom here are mostly located in the interior in structures and to lay flat in the bathtub and to cover oneself with blankets. For snow, it is shown by king 5, to have plenty of non perishable foods such as can foods and save minimal quantities of perishable food outside in the snow for just in case of the severity of the duration of being snowed in, plus wax candle because wax candles natural can be fixed on surfaces but lanterns are the better choice if one can afford to buy the oil, for the year occurance of durations of being out of power within one winter season. The weather radio is good for entertainment for the duration of not having electricity, news, music, and weather reports from the National Weather service plus the weather radio has an in built battery charger with an in built light. One of my favorite winters was the winter in a December of which one foot of snow fell during that winter plus the rest of the month of December was literally frozen and Seattle was shut down or snowed in for that duration of December too; it was the year the majority of kids didn’t received Christmas gifts because the snowed in conditions commenced earlier in December by no one had knowledge of how long the snowed in weather would last. My mom and I were lucky in being prepared for the snowed in conditions and the time we needed groceries we ventured out in the door of accumulated snow and at least three feet of snow drifts, I took pictures of my mom during that specific outing to Grocery Outlet in Lake City Seattle. A winter during a blizzard; my mom and I took a day trip to SeaTac international airport, the light rail trailing was traveling past the Seatac Airport itself as the train was arriving at the last station of SeaTac. While passing the airport itself, the blizzard was very noticeable, as to appear as thick fog with snow. I told my mom that it was foggy and snowing to which my mom explained to me, the precipitation was only and only heavy snow fall. During returning to our apartment it was darkness of night as we waited for the metro bus towards Lake City and it was there my mom became angered at the stupidity of what was considered „cold“ for Midwest America which now has the authentic weather stereotype of Sub Sahara desert warm of winter and my mom was strict in explaining to me as to describe to me you do have to remember the cold weather of Seattle. The temperature maximum was 16 degrees and during that time of the evening was temperature was around 13 plus a very strong wind of actually wind chills very well below zero degrees!!! My mom with anger told me „do you feel this?“ I replied yes it is cold, but my mom wanted me to noticed both the cold temerature and the severity of the strong winds, to which my mom had a conversation with me unti my mom was specifically talking about the actual air temperature and the deep penetrating cold of the wind entering all layers of clothing which we wear our thickest jackets with thermals but the flesh was exposed to the cold air temperatures as if we didn’t wore at least 3 thick layers of clothing to maintain our warmth. My United Kingdom jacket and even at Chicago I was sweating in that black wool jacket. 

(Post Alexander Lapin photos) 2016 Has Been A Great Year Of Blessings And A Truly Wahrheit Happy Year: The 30/30 Tv Northwest News Magazine End Year Collage. Monday 12 December 2016; The Description Of „Gay Sex“ And Shit; I Sense Nothing But Disgust As The Same About Feeling To Stomp On The Face Of The Wannabe Edward Snowden And The Butts Of TheAryan Supremacist Heterosexual Man: I Sense God’s Presents As Angelic Men Children Being In Which Brings Me Sadness Of Grief For The Loss Of My Mom Maria Hitler Razcon; Around This This Date In 2013; Was When My Mom & I Obtain Our Last Christmas Tree at Northwest Food Harvest Near Fred Meyer At Lake City Seattle, Washington: My Maternal Grandmother Eva Braun Used The Nazi Definition Of JUDIN Specifically Against The Front Lineless Sterile Wannebe Clitoris Of The Judin Hermphrodite Man Definition Of Their Literally Worthless „Penis,“ With Same Angered Disgusting Emotions Of JUDIN, Especially During Our Visit To San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf Neighborhood During The Summer Of 1995

God’s Wrath Against The Judin Hermphrodite Men

„Homosexuality“ doesn’t exist but it does existence as a termology of the word JUDIN which are the corpse embodiment of literally worthless pieses of shits of demons which the word JUDIN does describes!!! Shane is nice! No, Shane is naughty! God has used Shane Harper is a specific manner which blessed all Aryan Supremacist heterosexual men; the ending of 2016, has been the funest year of my life of being as teasing playful teenagers with our sexual bodily images. It was a time of complete freedom of youthfulness and healing and in protesting the demonic possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate IDOLITORS; in which God used as to prove to the lifeless demonic possessed corpse idolitors what heterosexual is authentically visually manifested in our physical behavior and this protesting in witnessing against the demonic possessed corpse of the Judin hermphrodites has brought me deep joy as to mean „you have been absolutely incorrect this entire time and how noticeable your falsehood really is.“ Yesterday, I saw pictures of a Judin hermphrodite man „modeling“ by Instagram pictures and several things are very noticeable; first the fruits of the flesh of vanity and the Judin Hermphrodite demon man is exploiting the vanity in the Judin man’s pictures. The Judin hermphrodrite man did tired to imitate some vague position of sexual arousal of Aryan Supremacist heterosexual men but the Judin man lacked life itself and the poses were specifically planed as if some pyschoctic game the Judin man was playing out in his demonic carnal shit head! Plus the Judin man appeared totally deformed as if the shit of the Judin man can be crushed by simply by visual commands of the Judin man’s shit torso to implode. I have noticed the expression of the prophet Mose and a picture of Shane Harper, if it were not for the pictures I taken of myself during the late afternoon at Bellingham library I would had discovered the appearance of God’s wrath and in an attempt to hide the obvious God rebuke you demons and go to HELL but I will disclose this You can’t separate the love of God from the wrath of God and therefore all I need is to discuss my wrath of God. I first noticed my wrath appeared severe in being very angered and authentic and I was fascinated in knowing specifically but knowing I do have God’s image why I looked different from, for instance the Prophet Mose. It was the PHOTOGRAPH of Mose SMILING in black clothing with Nazi metallic symbol objects of which I finally comprehended how different I am and the other photographs of Shane Harper is a business emotional expression of strictness rather then Shane’s personality of not being strict and another fuzzy photograph I have of Shane Harper but for some reason I have much wrath against the technologies of obtaining my image in photography, videos, and audio: for instance, I saw another photograph of le Monsieur Brandon Tasche singing in front of a microphone and I felt the same wrath as Jesus had in the temple of the Charlatans money changers and I felt as if I was physically there with the microphone I would have much rage against the microphone and I will say; „I will not be controlled by a useless piece of shit of this demonic aparatus!“ I sort of feel similarly to the technology of having both my images taken and video audio taken which is the reason I can’t pose as the prophet Mose did in the black clothing with an authentic smile nor the photographs of Shane Harper smiles but specifically the photograph of the fuzzy picture of Shane pose smile. Plus an authentic smile of mine taken on photography required an authentic interaction of love between my mom and myself. I also enjoyed making fun of how wtathful I appear in the photographs as is I am the Highest ranking judge there is with „the buck stops here“ as I am the last and complete head of all authority. I actually do enjoy the images of my wrathful facial expressions because this is the authentic self of mine. The reason of my wtath at these precise situation of technology is because this specific type of technology is exactly modeled after the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite Sadomaschmists of their lifeless conscious shit cranial head of which communication is only by herd mentality of „radio signals“ as a metaphor of such stupidity the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite Sadomaschmists only has this form of communication; the demonic possessed corpse are only radio receivers in terms in communicating!!!

The Judin mens‘ voice is drastically noticeable as the voice of the Judin men authentic does sound as the dickless wannabe Clitoris lineless front side of the Judin men!!!

Don’t you comprehend the visually obvious of German men being fertile which a workable dick to inpragnate an Aryan female; yes he is obvious!!!

I am being to comprehend the demons‘ definition of „sexy“ in appearing „friendly“ and nothing to do by the demons to feel anything sexual because demons can’t feel anything sexual

As I think of it; horse riding doesn’t look funny but very physically uncomfortable as just the clothing itself is uncomfortable
I have an idea of how horse riding feels as the city buses of Bellingham plus summer heat plus the sunburn scratchiness of the body itself of back, chest, plus the physical uncomfortable pants feeling as if walking over 20 miles in Vancouver, plus feeling acky especially the first vertibrae in the right back side

Shane you are nice, no you are „naughty!“